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Name: Jezebel (Jezzie)

Sex: Female

Breed:  Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Age: 10.5yrs (approx. DOB: 07/04/00)

Level of blindness:  Completely Blind

Cause of eye issues: Mature cataracts in both eyes. Possible surgery could correct this in one eye at least. Jezebel will be seeing an opthalmologist at the UW vet school in early March.

Health issues: Besides blindness, none known

Weight: 50 pounds

Good with dogs: Yes. Jezzie is fine with dogs and cats, as long as they aren't rough with her. She is older and does have some joint discomfort.

Good with cats: Yes. Jezzie is fine with dogs and cats, as long as they aren't rough with her. She is older and does have some joint discomfort.

Good with kids: Yes. Kids over 6yrs of age. Jezzie is older and doesn't like her front feet paws touched. Bigger children can understand that.

Currently being fostered in: Wisconsin
*BDRA will transport the dog a reasonable distance, to an approved adopter, at no extra cost, even if out of state.




Update 08/07/12: Jezebel is 12 or 13 yrs. old depending on which papers you look at as some say she was born in 1999 and others say 2000.  She now has incontience bad.  She is on Proin 50 mg. twice a day and that seems to be controlling it.  Otherwise poor girl is laying in a wet puddle all the time.  When she had her surgery last February to remove the large fatty tumor behind her right leg and in her lower abdomen, the vet said she is just full of these tumors.  Jezebel is also a girl who loosing her eye sight later in her life struggles with her blindness and is quite defensive with other dogs she does not know.   She also can’t go for walks like we used to.  She is too stiff and it becomes a struggle,  but she loves car rides very much and being close to where I am.  Loves her food and of course going next  door to Grandpa’s with the rest for their treats.   it takes her a while to trust you and feel safe with you.  She is a good puppy though, she loves to be loved and by you.


12/30/11: Jezebel has been in her foster home since the middle of December. She is a very sweet very good girl. Loves car rides, short walks and belly rubs and her meals. She listens well. She barks when it's dinner time or if she is trying to tell me she wants something. I think a more quiet home where there wasn't a lot of chaos would be the best for little Jezzie.

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Below are medical treatments Jezebel will need to have done in order to keep her healthy while in Blind Dog Rescue Alliance's care. 

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